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The Profile XT™ will produce six types of reports.  To help you better understand how The Profile XT™ can help your business, we have provided you with Sample Reports for you to view or print.  Please note that you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader application installed on your system.  For help on obtaining this free software, click here.

Sample Reports

Profile XT Placement  Report

Used typically when you are trying to identify how well a person will fit into a given position.  When they are outside of the job pattern, interview questions are suggested.

Profile XT Individual Report

This report can be shared with the individual who took the assessment.  This report indicates the score on each individual scale and also provides a description of what those scores suggest.  There is no reference to any specific job pattern.

Profile XT Coaching Report

Similar to the placement report in that it matches the individual's actual results to a job pattern.  However, in the Coaching Report, instead of interview questions, you have advice for the employee's supervisor when they score outside the job match pattern.

Profile XT Succession Planning

Allows the matching of one individual to several Job "Benchmarks".  This facilitates an understanding of where the best job fit might be expected.

Profile XT Candidate Match

A summary report that looks at many job candidates against a single position.

Profile XT Summary Report

Utilized to have a quick look at how well an individual "fits" into a particular job benchmark.  It reports the individual scores against that job benchmark and gives a brief statement for each.  There are no interview questions provided with this report.

Profile XT Summary Graph

A one-page graph utilized to have a quick look at how well an individual "fits" into a particular job benchmark.


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