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Matching People With Jobs

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A Powerful Management Tool

Hire & Promote the "RIGHT" Person the First Time!

The Profile XT TM is a "Total Person" assessment that has a myriad of uses.  It measures the job-related qualities that make a person productive - Thinking and Reasoning Style, Behavioral Traits and Occupational Interests.  It is convenient and easy to use on the Internet - no administrator or proctoring is required.

The Profile XT is used for placement, promotion, self-improvement, coaching, succession planning and job description development.  Our clients tell us the Profile XT is three to five times more effective than any other assessment they have used.  It is a versatile management tool that develops Job Match Patterns that can be customized by company, department, manager, position, geography or any combination of these factors.

The Profile XT TM is the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art employee evaluation system available today for measuring human potential and predicting job success. 

The Profile XT TM is the only system that measures:

Thinking &

Reasoning Styles





These elements are correlated and blended together, allowing you to see:

The  Total  Person

People only let you see what they want you to see.  They are like icebergs in that what you don't see is more significant than what you do see.

Good, but Limited Information

Profile XT Total Person

Valid for Today's Workforce


The Profile XT TM complies with EEOC, ADA, civil rights and all the other federal and state regulations.


The Profile XT TM is all job related.


The Profile XT TM has been validated following the standards for test development, provided by the American Psychological Association.

Qualify - Quantify - Identify - Job Match 

The Profile XT

The Profile XT is convenient and easy to use. The questionnaire can be completed over the Internet or in a booklet - no administrator or proctoring is required.

It can develop Job Match Patterns that are customized by company, department, manager, position, geography, or any combination of these factors.

It is a premium multi-purpose employment testing tool used for:


Pre Employment Screening


Employee Management


Reducing Employee Turnover


Improving Employee Productivity


Employee Training


Employee Coaching


Succession Planning


Writing Job Descriptions

The Profile XT employment testing tool measures the qualities that make up:






Occupational Interest


Behavioral Traits


The "Total" Person

Job-Match Makes The Difference

Job Match Patterns are extremely effective because they allow you to match the individual attributes of people with the qualities important to success in specific jobs.  Studies have shown that Job Match is a more accurate predictor of job success than any of the commonly accepted factors, such as education, experience, or training.  When you match people with their jobs, you gain increases in productivity and job satisfaction as you diminish job related stress, tension, conflict, miscommunication, and costly employee turnover.

Seven Reports

The Profile XT™ can produce seven types of reports:


Individual Report - A guide for self-understanding


Placement Report - For putting the right people in the right jobs the first time using Job Match Patterns


Multi Job Match Report - Useful for succession planning and reassigning employees to new positions


Coaching Report - An excellent employee training and development tool


Job Profile Summary Report - Used with job descriptions to more accurately define job requirements


Summary Reports - Gives you a snapshot of essential employee management information


Graph Report - A visual analysis of Job Match


Job Analysis Report - Ideal for accurately defining job requirements and job descriptions

Easy To Use

The Profile XT™ is conveniently administered over the Internet or using an assessment booklet.  Results are immediate and the reports you choose are in your hands in just minutes.

The Profile XT™ is the assessment to use for a thorough analysis of people, job responsibilities, and Job Match.  It is a valuable tool that will help you build your organization and reach your goals.

 Your "Probability of Success" in Selecting A Top Performer:



+ Reference Checking 


+ Personality Testing 


+ Abilities Testing 


+ Interest Testing 


+ Job Matching 



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